To earn a DWRCertificate, participants must earn ten of sixteen badges. Before they can move onto submitting their portfolios for faculty review, participants must:

  1. pick at least one specialization that reflects an area of emphasis,
  2. earn at least one of three Digital Dialogs badge showing they their work participates in an ongoing scholarly conversation,
  3. earn a digital pedagogy badge to show how their work is applied in the classroom.

Badges are earned by submitting digital artifacts that participants build using specific digital skills and lab resources. Each digital artifact must also be accompanied by a written explanation that contextualizes the artifact and explains the work that went into it. These artifacts are submitted through this site and reviewed by the DWRL Assistant Directors, who can consult with you as participants as they prepare digital artifacts for submission.

After enough badges are earned, DWR Certificate seekers must craft a final statement that articulates their DWR Certificate work with their professional interests and goals. Before submitting the entire DWRC portfolio to apply for the Certificate, participants may wish to revise early badge submissions and polish their work to a consistent professional level. Final applications are then reviewed by the DWRL Program Coordinator, the DWRL Director, and a faculty advisor from the Department of Rhetoric and Writing. Successful applicants will receive a DWR Certificate in hard copy, as well as a digital seal for use on online materials.

The menu of links in the sidebar leads to more information about the required components of the DWRC.